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GREEPER® Laces at a glance

  • Once Applied - Always Tied
  • Never Come Undone
  • Can Easily Tighten & Loosen Laces Without Undoing
  • Made From Traditional Shoelace Material
  • Keep Feet & Shoes Securely In Place
  • Useful for People With Special Needs That Affect Ability To Tie Shoe Laces
  • Great For Triathlon or Competiting Sports Which Need Quick Transition

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What are GREEPER® Laces?

GREEPER® Laces are award winning patented shoe laces that will never come undone and yet are very easy to loosen and tighten. Made with normal laces they ensure optimum fit and support, are very durable and can be used in all weather conditions, even with gloves on!

Greepers provide great benefits to anyone using shoelaces. They come in various  colours to suit all different types of footwear. They are particularly useful to people with special needs or disabilities that affect their ability to tie shoelaces.

Used by world champion athletes, Greepers have recently been awarded “Best Buy” product (standing for “Quality Performance matched by superb value”) in 220 Triathlon Magazine. The reviewer commented “Using traditional shoelace material, they allow lightning fast lace tightening and secure lace fitting for the entire duration of your run, without the risk of extra foot movement seen using elastic laces”.

How to apply GREEPER® Laces